List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Metabolic Syndrome and Lifestyle - Accepted in 2020/01/15
Mohammadhosien Bayazi Dr , Alireza Rajaei Dr , Ali Delshad Noghabi Mr *
XML The effectiveness of training emotional regulation skills on reducing addiction ability in high school male students - Accepted in 2020/01/15
Ramin Habibi-Kaleybar1 * , Safar Dehgani
XML شناسایی الگوهای غذایی غالب و ارتباط آن ها با عوامل جمعیت شناختی در بزرگسالان شهر گناباد - Accepted in 2020/01/21
مریم اسماعیلی . * , مجتبی کیان مهر . , مهدی بصیری مقدم . , حمید .راسخی . , مریم اسکافی .
XML Identification and prioritization of effective factors on social health of the elderly using Decision Making Trial And Evaluation Labratory & Interpretive Structural Modeling methods - Accepted in 2019/12/18
Toktam Parvish , Hossein Behravan Dr * , Gholamreza Hasani darmian Dr
XML Identifying the barriers of trans-sectional cooperation in Student Sports - Accepted in 2019/11/25
Javad Ghasemi Rooshnavand Ser * , Hasan Bahrololoum PhD , Reza Andam PhD , Hadi Bagheri PhD
XML Correlates of HIV-related Self-stigma among Female Sex Workers in Malaysia - Accepted in 2020/01/21
Davood Davood *
XML Comparison of the Real Costs of 10 Selected Common Surgeries in Imam Reza Hospital (Northeastern Iran) with their Official Prices in Iran’s Global Budget Payment System in 2016 - Accepted in 2020/02/1
Alireza Rezazadeh * , Hosein Ebrahimipour , Elahe Pourahmadi
XML Infertility, attachment, identity and sexual function of females: a correlational study - Accepted in 2019/11/25
Hossein Shareh Dr. * , Zahra Robati Mrs. , Elham Haghi Mrs.
XML The effect of aerobic training with supplementation of vitamins C and E on some inflammatory and cardiovascular risk factors of overweight men - Accepted in 2019/10/28
Alireza Elmieh PhD * , Bahram Abedi PhD , Seyed Benyamin Emam 3. Ph.D student , Hooman Babakhani MSc
XML the effects of 8 weeks pilates training on the levels of interleukin-18(IL-18), fatigue , balance, physical inability in women with multiple sclerosis - Accepted in 2019/10/8
Soudabe Asvar . . , Farzaneh Taghian Dr *
XML the multiple relationships between anxiety sensitivity, social support , perception of pain and life expectancy variables. - Accepted in 2020/01/4
Zohre Latifi Dr * , Mahnoosh Kiani Miss
XML the effect of combined exercises on the level of obestatin, ghrelin and insulin resistance in overweight women - Accepted in 2019/07/16
Zahra Yosefi . . . ., Farzaneh Taghian . . * , Mehdi Hedayati Dr
XML Determinants of subjective well-being; Do we really know what makes people happy? : a study among Rasht dwellers as a metropolis in north of Iran; - Accepted in 2020/01/20
XML The Relationship between Religious Attitude and Death Anxiety in Gonabad Elderly People - Accepted in 2019/07/15
Fatemeh Ghasemi Roshnavand Mrs., Alireza Atarodi Dr. * , Seyyed Saeed Hosseini Dr.
XML Modeling the family emotional atmosphere, school atmosphere and perceived social support on aggressive behavior and addiction preparedness with the mediating role of extraversion-introversion among students - Accepted in 2019/12/24
Zohre Shahriari Shaghaghi Ms. , Afsaneh Ghanbay Panah Dr. * , Parisa Tajalli Dr.
XML The Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Training on Reduction of Aggressive and Oppositional behaviors of children age 4-6. - Accepted in 2019/07/9
Ghasem Naziry *
XML The intermediate role of spiritual happiness in the relationship between visually impaired parents’ popularity and their children’s self- worth and creativity - Accepted in 2019/10/8
Masoumeh Bagherpour Ms. , Mansure Shahriari Ahmadi Dr. * , Gholamali Afrooz Dr. , Hasha pasha Sharifi Dr.
XML A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Group Based CBT and ACT on Increasing the Psychological Hardiness of Female Heads of Families - Accepted in 2019/07/15
Hadi Motamedi Mr. , ABDOLVAHAB SAMAVI Dr. * , Reza Fallahchai Dr.
XML Comparison of the Effect of Triple P and Parenting Program of ACT on Parent-Child Relationship and Self-Efficacy in Mothers with ODD Children - Accepted in 2019/10/8
Shahriar Amini Naghani , Samaneh Najarpourian * , Seyaed Abdolvahhab Samavi
XML Effectiveness of assertiveness training on bullying, competitive state anxiety and performance under pressure in futsal players - Accepted in 2019/10/13
Reza Aliyar Najaf abadi Ms., Zohreh Meshkati ِDr. * , Rokhsareh Badami Dr.
XML The Role of cultural intelligence on self-esteem and capability of resolving family disputes of athletes - Accepted in 2019/11/24
Fahmideh Soltani Mrs., Zohreh Meshkati Dr. *
XML Construction and Validation of Well- being Scale Based on Nahj al-Balaghe - Accepted in 2019/05/20
Samira Mirzaei Mrs , Samaneh Najarpourian Dr * , Ebrahim Naeimi Dr , S. Abdolvahab Samavi Dr
XML The Effect of Philosophical teaching (P4C) on Metacognitive and Irrational Beliefs of the Sixth Primary School Pupils - Accepted in 2019/05/11
Mohamad Yamini Mr *, Turaj Falah mehneh Mr, Hosein Mahdian Mr
XML The role of Depression, Self-Doubt and Shyness in predicting Fear of Negative Evaluation - Accepted in 2019/10/15
Reza Abdi , Gholamreza Chalabianloo , Seyedeh Arezoo Kazemi *
XML Investigation the role of positive thinking and personality traits in Predicting the satisfaction of nasal surgeries - Accepted in 2019/05/11
Sattar Mahmudi * , Rasoul Gheisari , Mehrnoosh Rabanizadeh
XML The role of parental bonding perception in predicting communication patterns of couples - Accepted in 2019/11/24
Ghazaleh sadat Hazarati Ehsani Fard * , Mansoureh sadat Sadeghi , Leili Panaghi
XML Effectiveness of achievement emotions regulation training package on negative emotions and cognitive/metacognitive learning strategies among female high-school students in Tehran - Accepted in 2019/03/11
Marzieh Mirsamiie Ms. , Hamid Atashpour Dr. * , Asghar Aghaei Dr.
XML Comparison effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) with cognitive behavioral management on reduce temptation on craving and increase the level of resilience of methadone intake addicts - Accepted in 2019/06/3
Atefe Khodabande Miss , Zohre Latifi Dr *
XML Slogan or real participation? (Case of Study: Municipality Mashhad partnership with NGOs) - Accepted in 2019/11/24
Maryam Eskafi *
XML Commitment in Iranian married couples: an intergenerational study - Accepted in 2019/04/23
Bahareh Shokrani * , Parisa sadat Seyed mousavi
XML The Effectiveness of the Self-differentiation Training based on the Bowen Theory to Increase Marital Satisfaction - Accepted in 2019/02/17
Akram Mohammadi * , Zahra Alibakhshi
XML Investigation of Gait Initiation in women with multiple sclerosis (MS) - Accepted in 2018/09/24
Tayebeh Soleimani Mrs * , Heidar Sadeghi Dr , Ali Abasi Dr , Saeed Ilbeigi Dr , Farhad Tabatabaei ghomshe Dr
XML The Effect of Communication Skills Training on Couple Marital Engagement - Accepted in 2019/11/24
Amin Ahrari , Mohammad reza Miri * , Abbas ali Ramazani , Reza Dastjerdi , Tayebeh Hosseini
XML Comparison of Marital Satisfaction, Marital Intimacy, Sexual Satisfaction and Marital Adjustment of Married Persons (Various Age Difference,) with age and duration of marriage control - Accepted in 2019/05/20
Neda Roshani MS , Maryam Gholamzadeh Jofreh Dr * , Somaieh Salehi Dr
XML Effectiveness of Different Methods of Resistance Exercise Trainings with Omega3-6-9 Supplement on Adhesive Molecules in Young Overweight Men - Accepted in 2019/11/11
Keyvan Ahmadi dehrashid Mr , Marefat Siahkohian Dr * , Salahadin Ahmadi Dr , Lotfali Bolboli Dr
XML Moderating Role of Defense Mechanisms in the Association between Attachment Styles and Marital Adjustment - Accepted in 2018/09/29
Moloud Sivandian , Mohammad Ali Besharat *
XML The social context of adolescent and youth drug addicts (Studied in Birjand) - Accepted in 2019/02/25
Mohsen Khosravi *
XML Study of the Role of Cultural Change in the Propensity to Childbearing (Case study: Women aged 15-45 years in Tabriz) - Accepted in 2019/02/17
Samad Rasoulzadeh Aghdam Dr , Fariba Poorjabbar akhuni Miss *
XML The Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of Perceived Addiction to Internet Pornography in an Iranian Sample - Accepted in 2019/06/15
Mehdi Darvish molla Mr *, Zahra Nikmanesh Dr
XML The Effect of Life Skills Training (Self-awareness and Effective Communication) on Students’ Components of Accountability - Accepted in 2019/11/11
XML The role of training positive thinking on quality of life and emotion regulation among patients with multiple sclerosis - Accepted in 2018/07/16
XML Healthy lifestyle and social vitality (Case study: Women 18 years old up to Sanandaj city) - Accepted in 2018/06/12
Yaghoub Ahmadi Dr *
XML Relationship between Health of Origin Family, Meta-Cognitive Beliefs and Emotional Expression with Quality of Marital Life in Married Nurses - Accepted in 2019/01/7
Farhad Asghari , Abbas Hashemi * , Hadi Salimi
XML A Grounded-Theory Study of the Underlying Marital and Individual Factors of Couple Burnout in the Socio-Cultural Context of Karaj City - Accepted in 2019/11/23
XML The Effectiveness of Commitment and Acceptance Therapy on Pain Self-Efficacy of Patients with Musculoskeletal Pain - Accepted in 2018/06/18
Sara Saedi Ms. *
XML The Mediating Role of Alexithymia in the Relationship between Defense Mechanisms and Tendency to High Risk Behaviors among Adolescents - Accepted in 2019/11/23
Zahra Nikmanesh *, Mahdi Molladarvish, Mehrnosh Mehranfard
XML Nicotine Dependence and its relationship with Emotional Intelligence among male smoker staff in Urmia University of Medical Sciences, 2016. - Accepted in 2019/01/1
Shima Yadegar Tirandaz, Mohammad Hasan Sahebihagh *, Hossein Namdar Areshtanab, Hossein Jafarizadeh, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi
XML Survey of the determinants of completing medical reconciliation form among nurses based on the theory diffusion of innovation - Accepted in 2018/05/23
XML The Relationship between Psychological Capital and Perfectionism among Gonabad Secondary Students - Accepted in 2019/02/4
XML The Relationship between Family Communication Patterns and Adjustment with Resilience in Children - Accepted in 2018/09/30
Marziyeh Mashalpoor *
XML the relationship between academic vivacity, academic self-efficacy and metacognitive skills with lifelong learning emphasizing on regulator role of study approaches - Accepted in 2019/01/23
XML The Effectiveness of Expressive Arts Group Therapy in Resilience and Emotion Regulation among Addicts Undergoing Rehabilitation - Accepted in 2019/11/23
Saideh Jafari Kahkha Miss *, Mahvash Raghibi Dr
XML Investigation of role of early maladaptive schemas and styles of attachment in predicting thought rumination of body dysmorphic disorder - Accepted in 2019/05/26
Akram Dehghani *, Nahid Dehghan sarveolia
XML Relation of physical activity, lipid profile and two new anthropometric cardiovascular risk factors in men, Birjand, East of Iran 2016 - Accepted in 2018/06/17
Amirabadizadeh Amirabadizadeh * , Mohammad Esmaeil Afzalpour
XML jhgjhg - Accepted in 2019/04/16
Mahdi Moshki, Masoumeh Nejadabdollah, Jafaee Naeimeh
XML The Effects of Attachment Style, and Automatic Thoughts on Sexual Dysfunction and Marital Commitment: A Path Analysis - Accepted in 2018/09/1
Nayere Abdollahi 1 *, Shadi Jazini 2, Abbas Amanelahi 3, Khald Aslany 4
XML Investigation of Maladjustment based on Achieved, Moratorium, Foreclosed and Diffusion Identity Statuses - Accepted in 2018/06/23
Rasoul Heshmati *, Abbass Rahiminejad
XML Investigation the psychometric properties of the Centrality of Religiosity Scale in people with spinal cord injury - Accepted in 2018/01/20
Simin Zeqeibi Ghannad1 Mrs, Tayebe Fateminik2 Mrs, Sirus Alipoor Dr *
XML Investigating and comparing mental health and self-image of cosmetic surgery applicants with non-applicant - Accepted in 2019/05/11
Afshin Salahian *
XML The Relationship between Vicimitization with Bullying and Aggression at school (Case Study: students in Zahedan Slum Areas) - Accepted in 2018/01/20
Shima Arab Khazayi, Hoseyn Jenaabadi, Naser Nastiezaie Dr *
XML The Role of Mindfulness, Spiritual Experiences, and Coping Strategies in Anticipation of the Quality of Life of Patients with Tuberculosis - Accepted in 2018/01/20
XML The Study of the Relationship Social Support with Coping strategies with the Disease among Cancer Patients of the city of the Kerman - Accepted in 2017/12/3
Soodeh Maghsoodi Dr *, Zahra Salehinejad Mis
XML The Effectiveness of Forgiveness-based Intervention on Reducing Couple Burnout in Women Affected by Infidelity of Spouse - Accepted in 2018/05/13
Reza Davarniya *
XML The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Reducing Craving and Relapse in Addicts with HIV - Accepted in 2018/04/16
XML Development of model relationships perceived social support, self-efficacy and perceived Optimism disease thalassemia: pattern path analysis - Accepted in 2018/07/16
Ahmad Alipour Dr, Hassan Khani Dr, H Sajadpour Dr, Fateme Behzadfar Dr, Narges Zamani Miss, Mojtaba Ansari shahidi Dr *
XML The examination effectiveness of training open the doors program on metacognitive beliefs, self-care activities, and instrumental activities of daily living in schizophrenic patients. - Accepted in 2018/07/22
Fereshteh Pourmohseni Koluri Dr *, Sara Soltani Miss
XML The effectiveness of group reality therapy on psychological well-being of students - Accepted in 2017/10/28
XML Quality of life differences between patients with epilepsy and psychogenic non-epileptic seizure - Accepted in 2018/03/5
Ali Sahraian Dr, Shirin Moghimi Dr, Ali A Asadi-Pooya Dr, Nahid Ashjazadeh Dr, Arash Mani Dr *
XML Risk assessment of heavy metals through consumption of spaghetti - Accepted in 2017/09/2
Soheil Sobhan Ardakani *
XML The Efficacy of Spiritual Group Therapy Intervention on Quality of Life and Life Satisfaction in HIV-Positive Patients - Accepted in 2017/01/28
XML Codification a Model for Anxiety, depression, somatic symptoms, social dysfunctional, in Relation to nutritional pattern with mediation spiritual well-being - Accepted in 2019/04/14
Fatemeh Shahabizadeh *
XML Life quality in Infertile Couples Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Techniques: A Qualitative Study - Accepted in 2016/12/25
Seyedeh Zahra Masoumi, Farideh Kazemi *, Arezoo Shayan, Reyhaneh Ebrahimi, Roya Ahmadinia-Tabesh
XML Personality Traits and Life Expectancy in Men with Cardiovascular Disease - Accepted in 2018/10/9
Enayatollah Shahidi Dr, Negar Fouladi PHD Student *, Babak Heidari Aghdam Dr
XML Modeling Children Ever Born and Ideal Number of Children by Classification Tree - Accepted in 2016/12/20
Mahsa Saadati Dr, Arezoo Bagheri Dr *, Hajiieh Bibi Razeghi Nasrabad Dr
XML Effectiveness of Marital Relationship Enrichment Program in the Decrease of Marital Conflicts - Accepted in 2016/06/18
Narges Vahidniya *, Ali Mohammad Nazari, Kianoush Zahrakar
XML Effectiveness of Metacognitive Therapy on Self-esteem, Impulsive Behavior, Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Thinking Rumination, Emotion Regulation and Subjective Units of Distress in Employed girls Sexual Harassment: One Case Studies - Accepted in 2019/11/20
Narges Zamani Dr *
XML Relationship between demographic factors and the incidence of sexual harassment of working women in Iran - Accepted in 2017/02/11
Fatemeh Behzadfar Miss, Hossein Eskandari Dr, Mahmood Golzari Dr, Hassan Khani Dr *, Narges Zamani Mr
XML Psychometric Properties of the Positive Meta-Cognitions and Meta-Emotions Questionnaire in athletes - Accepted in 2015/01/21
Zahedeh Rahmanian Miss *, Mohammad VaezMousavi Doctor
XML Reliability, Validity and Factor Structure of Multiphasic Assessment of Spousal Satisfaction - Accepted in 2014/11/9
XML Social Participation of Older Adults in Tehran City - Accepted in 2015/10/4
Nasibeh Noorimombeyni Miss, Sara Afshar Miss, Mehdi Rassafiani Dr, Robab Sahaf Dr, Enayatollah Bakhshi Dr, Gholam reza Sotoudeh Dr, Zahra Mosallanezhad Dr *
XML Predictive effect of demographic characteristics on attitudes toward infidelity - Accepted in 2014/07/16
XML Comparison effectiveness of Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy on Depression, Anxiety and Stress in the mother of Children Suffering from Cerebral Paralysis or Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Mental Retardation - Accepted in 2014/05/12
Narges Zamani, Mojtaba Habibi *
XML Investigating Reliability, Validity and Factor Structure of Global Measure of Relationship Satisfaction - Accepted in 2014/09/6
Hadi Sayed alitabar Sayed *, Mojtaba Habibi, Ali Sarvestani
XML Effectiveness of metacognitive therapy in metacognitive beliefs, anxiety and social phobia of male students - Accepted in 2014/09/13
XML The relation between attachment style and orphan with marital intimacy - Accepted in 2014/04/16
Narges Taghavi Miss, Farideh Nazarzadeh Miss *, Mohamad Abdkhoda Mr, Ali Ahmadi Mr
XML Association study of attachment style and health promoting behavior with mediating role of locus of control - Accepted in 2014/09/13
Faezeh Khaleghi delavar *, Ahmad Alipour, Zeinab Shayeghian, Maryam Zare

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