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The effect of teaching courageousness based on PRECEDE model on the assertiveness of high school adolescents in Gonabad (29082 Views)
Knowledge, attitude and practice of third grade high schoolgirls in Jahrom in self-awareness, communication with other sand decision making skills (26097 Views)
The effect of peer education based on health belief model on nutrition behaviors in primary school boys (26051 Views)
Perception of care among Syrian women with breast cancer under chemotherapy (25102 Views)
The effect of Bloom empowerment model on life skills promotion in girl students at the third grade of high school in Jahrom (24135 Views)
Comparing mothers’ satisfaction from ethical dimension of care providedin labor, delivery, and postpartum phases in educational and non-educational hospitals (23822 Views)
The effectiveness of puberty mental health training on fear of body image and adjustment in high school male students (21188 Views)
The effect of health education based on health belief model on behavioral promotion of urinary infection prevention in pregnant women (20933 Views)
Lifestyle of pregnant women living in Gonabad (Iran) (20544 Views)
Evaluation of Body Mass Index and some socio-economic variables related to the primary schoolchildren in Gonabad (20466 Views)
The effect of health education according to the theory of planned behavior on malaria preventive behavior in rural men of Chabahar (20462 Views)
Development and psychometric properties of perceived barriers scale (PBS) for self-care in middle-aged patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 (19572 Views)
The effect of group discussion education on mental health preventive behaviors in adolescence school girls (19427 Views)
The relation between personality traits with spiritual intelligence and quality of life in students of AlameTabatabaie University (Iran) (19272 Views)
The study of couple psychotherapy on recovery quality of life in traumatic couple of infidelity in Tehran (19108 Views)
Using of social cognitive theory: predictors of physical activity among women with diabetestype 2 (18125 Views)
Physical activity and factors influencing it among personnel a military center in Iran (18064 Views)
Community-based participatory research in Iran: its challenges and ways to control from the stakeholders view (17762 Views)
The Prevalence of smoking and its relationship to self-esteem among students of Azad university of Gonabad (17735 Views)
The effectiveness of rational-emotional group training on self-esteem and anxiety of gifted boy students (17698 Views)
Evaluation of intrapersonal and interpersonal factors of male adolescent smoking (17537 Views)
The effect of education with film display and educational bookletson knowledge and attitude of girl students towards AIDS (17050 Views)
The relationship of psychological capital with social capital among students (16525 Views)
Predictions of post-traumatic growth according to spirituality, social support and positive affection in deferent age groups with breast cancer (16486 Views)
The effect of education on dietary behaviors to prevent cancer in mothers (16365 Views)
Community assessment for identification and prioritization of problems to establish health promotion operational plans (16326 Views)
The attitudes of fifth level students' elementary schools toward peers with disabilities and related factors (16080 Views)
Problems of Female-headed households in Sistan Baluchistan province, Iran (15777 Views)
Comparison of spouse abuse, low self- esteem and sexualdisorders in married women in city and village (15644 Views)
The effect of education in physical activities on knowledge, attitude and behavior of Kerman health center’s staff (15463 Views)
The effect of education based on health belief model on reduction of HbA1c level in diabetestype 2 (15392 Views)
Effectiveness of an educational intervention based on theory of planned behavior to reduce intentions to smoke among secondary school students (15305 Views)
The knowledge and attitude of students in relation with health and food safety at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (15269 Views)
The effect of needs assessment-based education on the fathers’ attitude toward puberty period of male adolescents (15005 Views)
A study of the effects of group discussion with male high school students on their parents’ hypertension control (14973 Views)
Social anxiety prediction pattern with regard to cognitive behavioral factors (14742 Views)
Equity in health: From concept to application in healthcare system (14660 Views)
Comparison of frequency of cousin and non-cousin marriage among parents of disabled and normal children (14409 Views)
Investigating the level of self-care and supportiv eeducative needs of patients with myocardial infarction, based on Orem’s model (14231 Views)
Psychological reactions of family members of patients in critical care unitsinZahedan (13827 Views)
Correct body posture in nurses: an application of motivational interviewing (13709 Views)
The effect of problem solving education on food behavior self-efficacy in overweightor obese women (13582 Views)
Concept analysis of pre-hospital care: a hybrid model (13469 Views)
The relation between insurance funds of medical service insurance and heart inpatients costs in Karaj hospitals (Iran) (13199 Views)
Predictors of speeding among drivers based on Prototype Willingness Model (13193 Views)
Health care provider s’ knowledge, attitude and practice regarding pre-conception care (12737 Views)
The effectiveness of the cognitive - behavioral strategies of stress management training on social adjustment of depressed women (12722 Views)
Physical activity and its related factors among female employees: applying BASNEF model (12403 Views)
The relationship between pre-eclampsia and periodontal infection in pregnant women (11499 Views)
Relationship between self-efficacy with physical activity stages of change in housewives (11430 Views)
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